Sunday, August 3, 2008

PatientVisitScheduler status

I have manged to work on most of the skeletal works for the module. in the coming days, I will be filling up the skeleton and folks will have most of the module functionalities ready for consumption.
so far I have the sections shown on the screen shots

Administration section
the provider workload, bookings and scheduled patients functionalities are almost complete with
the tracings section is very scanty but will be coming up soon.
below are some screen shots from the module. please comment if you can. your comments, critism is very much welcome since this is the only way I can make the module more useful.


Patient Schedules


Thursday, June 5, 2008

OpenMrs beyond IPV4

I don't know if any one within the community has ever deployed openmrs in an IPV6 environment. In the past two weeks I have been introducing a friend who works with a voluntary organization managing HIV infected persons. The organization is running its network 100% on IPV6.
I am not sure what kind of challenges I might face when we eventually implement at the organization, I would expect may be to have reduced performance due to the larger address space
in IPV6 compared to IPV4 and maybe one may need to upgrade memory and processor specs.

I will be posting my experience in coming weeks.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

New to eclipse Challenges??

As a first time user of Eclipse. among the difficulties I have found, ( I used Netbeans before)
not able to checkout code from the repository. I didn't know I could incorporate subclipse to do this. Thanks to Ben now its now fine.
Memory requirements
it looks like Eclipse is a bit memory hungry. I am using a 256Mb and when I fire Eclipse, well its a pain to code. I plan to upgrade to 512Mb but I feel like 1Gb would be the ultimate.

Perspectives: these can confuse. i haven't had an easy time deciding what perspective to use but thanks to eclipse developers, its looks they always suggest the best perspective depending on the type of project.
Ant- Am not sure if other developers have experienced this problem. sometimes when I try to package a module, Ant just freezes and you cannot do anything, if you restart eclipse, the build file you were working on gets using Apche Ant 1.7.0
WIKI although the openmrs Wiki may not give a lot of details about how to accomplish many of the tasks needed, I must admit that almost every difficulty you come across will have a mention there. i have wasted substantial amounts of time when I could have been sorted by the Wiki ( am wiser now)

Monday, February 11, 2008


I have been skimming through the Openmrs source code. I am wondering if there is a document that explains the various components of Openmrs and how they interact, like a schematic diagram

In using JSP, is there a predefined CSS and/or Dtd files that are being used and where can one find their definations?
In my conversation with Ben, I have the impression that there are a number of methods that are already implemented in openmrs that one would like to borrow from but the structure of openmrs seems deep to understand in a short time and develop at the same time. for developers who are used to almost procedural top-bottom approach, developing for Openmrs would be slowed down majorly by the mind set. Even if one is good in Java, these skills may prove difficult to use.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

>>Patientvisitscheduler module

I am one of the interns in the OpenMrs internship program. I would like to thank the OIP committee for giving me this opportunity.
I will be developing a module to schedule and provide visit statistics for patients based on the Openmrs model.
I envision a module that manages clinic schedule volumes, provider load balance, patient tracing statictics plus all those ideas you are going to give me.